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Little Stars extended care: Parents Handbook


Little Stars Home Daycare Registration Form


     Little Stars is a small home daycare; In accordance with the laws and regulations set out in the ‘Day Nursery’s Act’ which specifies that no more than five children are allow per home in addition to the care providers own.  This is to insure that proper care and supervision is given to all children in care.


About Kim:

      Hi my name is Kimberly Symonds, (but you and your children can call me Kim). I’m a stay at home mother of 3. Child care has been my passion since I was 8 years old & since then I have been doing whatever I can to be in this field. I am one English credit short of receiving my E.C.E diploma from Niagara College. I have over 16 years of baby-sitting experience in addition to over eight hundred hours of co-operative and placement experience. I received my First aid and CPR in March 2004. I also worked at a privet home daycare agency from February 2004 – February 2005 and volunteered there until September 2005. I have been in operation since April 2004. I am a mother of a very energetic 1st grader Gabriella (born in July 2007), I have a rambunctious toddler Tyler (born in Aug 2012) & my Newest little bundled of joy Chase (due Nov 2013). They are my whole world :)

I also live with my boyfriend Richard Currie (Tyler & Chase's father) who works full time as a cook at "The Old Fire Hall Restaurant" in St Davids.


About Program:    

     My philosophy is that children need to feel loved in order to have fun.  I do provide some structured activities to meet to needs of all children. However I believe that life does not always go as planed so why should a child’s day.

     Day to day programming and activates happen depending on the number and ages of children enrolled in each day.

    I also provide daily outings and planed field trips. I take the children out on walks, bike rides, to the park, the library, different OEYC sites throughout Niagara Falls, Brighter Futures,  church, tobogganing, swimming and just out and about.

Planed field trips may include but are not limited to museums, Duffern Islands, going to the Falls, Marine Land, Happy Ralph’s, Zooz, Port Dalhousie, Carnivals, parades, pumpkin patches, & site seeing .

     Currently I have am using public transportation as my van died in October 2008. However some time I can arrange for someone to give us rides to locations not accessible by public transit.  (I do have car seats and boosters, as the law requires for all ages up to eight years old. However parents are welcome to supply their own car sets and booster if they feel it is necessary for planed field trips, when alternate transportation is arranged)


Hours of operation:

     Little Stars is an extended care home child care setting. I currently offer care:


(Day to day times may very slightly.)


Daily Outings/Field trips:

I like to try to do at lest one outing  per day (however these do very according to the number and ages of children I have each day (also drop off & pick up time plays a factor when planning each days activities.)

Most daily outing I am flexible with the drop off times for all children in attendance however their ma be days were i have to ask parent to drop off or pick up their children at a cretin time or place.

For a list of field trips/ outing please referee back to the “About Program” section (above)


 Planed Filed Trips:

If I have a planed field trip & your child is scheduled to attend Little Stars that day… they will automatically come with me.

Time conflicts:

- If you don’t require care till after we are scheduled to leave for our planed field trip then you may drop your child off at Little Stars early & you wont be charged till the time you need care *NOTE: early drop offs MUST be pre arranged by me, other wise you will be charged for the extra hours* (I.e. if you need care for 10:30am and you drop your child off  to me at 8:30am then you will not be charged until 10:30am.)

- or if you prefer you may drop your child off at the field trip location at the time you need care.

 the same basic principles apply for field trips that may run later then what you need care for.


Sunday Mornings:

     Also I am a Christian and believe in going to church on a regular basis. All children are welcome to come with me. I attend Calvary Chapel, which is a non-denominational church. It is located on the corner of Franklyn Av. and Barker St. in Niagara Falls. It runs from 10:30am – 11:30am

My church no longer offers a Sunday school program (due to low numbers) however service can be a very enriching experience for children, but I do not force my beliefs upon the children.



     My hourly rates are as followed:

Rates per family



Holliday rates

(hourly rate ONLY)

Dinner& Overnight 5pm to 8am

Overnight Only 10pm to7am

1 Child





2 Children





3 Children





4 Children





5 Children






(One family)





Daily rates (FULL TIME ONLY)

3 days per week minimum


Full day

(10hrs MAX)

Half day

(5hrs MAX)


3 days





1 Child







2 Children







3 Children







4 Children







5 Children








(One family)







These prices are inclusive for the proper care of your child(ren); however they do not include transportation costs. And field trip prices will be based on your child(ren)’s attendance.

      Transportation charges for school pick ups is and addiction $2.00 dollars per school.

(Full Time Rate)

     To receive the full time rate you must have your child registered a minimum of 3 days per week (exceptions made when care is needed for Saturdays and Sundays only, however the same rule applies)

     If your registered full time you are required to pay for 3 day per week weather you need care on those days or not. (unless 2 weeks notices is given in advance). This means that if you have your child book for 5 days a week and he/she is sick for 3 of those days you are sill required to pay for the 3ed day but you wont be charged for the other 2 days that you don’t require care (provided that proper notices is given, please refer to the cancellation section)  


     The over night rate goes from 10pm to 7am, 7 nights a week. This allows for children to have a full night sleep with out being woken up and allows parent to be the flexibility of not rushing to pick up their child. (all additional rate hours will be charged my hourly rate of $4/hr)

     I also give parents the option of dropping off at 5pm instead of 10pm and picking up at 8am instead of 7am for an extra $20(please referee back to table 1 for exact prices) and I will provide dinner for all children dropped off before 6:30pm & breakfast for Children picked up after 7:30am (However this rate is for Full Time Children ONLY)

These are also what I refer to as a sleep shifts where I do go to bed for around 10:30pm. However if a child wakes up during the night then I will get up with them. If parents wish to pick up children before 7am then they will be charged the basic day time rate for those hours.

*Please Note: I don’t require all full time spaces be the same hours… my only requirements are that the child must attend 3 days per week to receive the discounted rate


 (Late and early drop off and pick ups)    

If parents are late picking up their child they will be charged for the extra time. If a parent is late dropping off their child they will be charged from the time that they originally booked. If a parent is early picking up their child they will be charge until the time that they have booked too.

(this is all to help control scheduling other children and field trips)

*Please Note: for children registered "full time" i will start to charge extra after the total 10 hours is reached. Every 15mins after 10 hrs is $1.*

(please phone when your running late) I will start to contact parents or emergency contact if a parent is more then 45 mins late & i have not heard anything from them.



 If a parent cancels their child (by phone) before the child is due to arrive then they will not be charged for that day(except when the child is registered full time and thy have been in care less then 3 day that week). If they cancel after the child was do to arrive they will be charged the full amount for the time before they cancelled and half for the reminder of they day.


 If a parent does a no show then they will be charge for the full time of the booking.



     I do request that children enrolled on a part-time basis pay daily. However children registered on a Full time basis can pay weekly or bye-weekly. However with paying bye-weekly payments I require a post-dated check.

Cancelled checks: There will be a $35.00 charge for all checks returned N.S.F. plus any additional charges incurred to myself and/or by the bank. Parents who have ANY Check go throw as N.S.F. will be required from that point on to pay by cash weekly or money orders (if still requiring biweekly).

For weekly payments, My week goes from Monday-Sunday, Parents paying weekly or biweekly, payments are due on Friday- Sunday / or on the last day of the week that you require care (ie: if your child comes Mon- Wed only then your payment is due at the end of  Wed. unless other armaments have previously been made with me.)

If payment has not been made before the start of your child next scheduled day it may result in loss of care until payment is made.


Nonpayment: I am a pretty reasonable person. If for some reason you can not pay the same day (or on the maturely agreed upon date, for weekly and by weekly payments) then your payment will be due at the beginning of your child’s next scheduled day.

For parents who pay weekly and biweekly if this becomes a habit then you will be required to pay daily for your child’s care.

If payments are more then 2 weeks over due then you will no longer receive care until your account if paid in full.

For payment more then 30 days overdue I will start making collection call to you (which is something that I really don’t like to do)

For more then 60days overdue I will make a house call and for payments more then 6 months overdue I will be forced to take you to small climes court (Please don’t let it come down to that)


(I have had to add the last paragraph in because of to many parents stiffing me in the past, please don’t get your self added to this list)



I am open for all Statutory Holidays: New Years Day, Family day, Good Friday, Easter, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and Boxing day.

***Care on theses days is available for a additional charge (time and a half)****


Full time children that are regularly scheduled on a holiday but don’t require care are still charge the flat day rate (regardless if 2 week noticafacatchion was given)


Meals & Snacks:

     I will provide a nutritious meals and snack as well as well as 2% milk and 100% fruit juice depending on the hours your child is attending. The meal schedule I follow is listed below. If the Child is here during those times, they will be served. Children who choose not to eat will not be served again until the next scheduled Meal or Snack. If the child will be arriving after mealtime please feed them before they arrive.

Meals are planed on a daily basics (depending on which children are in attendance each day) However I am not a restaurant & I will NOT make different meals for each child. Children wont be forced to finish all their food but I do encourage all children to try every thing (my rule is one bit of everything for each year of age, ie: a 5 year old must have 5 bites of everything on their plate to get down from the table). & no dessert or treats unless they have Finished EVERYTHING on their plate.


8:30am–9:00am: Breakfast

• 11:00am-11:15am. Snack

12:30pm-1:00pm: Lunch

3:15pm-3:30pm. Snack

5:30pm-6:30pm. Dinner

• 7:45pm-8:00pm. Snack


     If your child requires a special diet due to allergies, medications, age and/or cultural or religious beliefs it will be the responsibility of the parent to provide a well balanced meal and snack for their child.

(if a child wishes to bring a treat they must bring enough to share with all the other children or I will not allow them to have it)


Behavior & Discipline:

No child will be hit, spanked, belittled, or otherwise intimidated at the provider’s. No corporal punishment will be used. Children will be treated with courtesy, respect, and patience. Discipline will be according to age and understanding level. Younger children, babies, and toddlers, will be redirected to another activity. Older children will be given timeouts depending on the severity of the offense (almost always one minute per year of age, never to exceed 10 minutes) and the child will not be left unattended. If a child’s behavior becomes a problem, I will address it with you and we will try to resolve it together.



I believe in preserving as much memories as possible for children to have when they grow up. So I love to take photos of the kids playing, which allows me to share with parents the events that happen with their children when they are not their. I am an avid Facebook user and I do request permission to post your child’s photos on my page and I as would like to be able to use pictures of your child for advertising. (Please note that I do post children’s first names on my Facebook account but I never post children’s last names & I never post any names of children on any of my other advertising)

 However I do respect all parents rights to privacy…. So if you don’t wish for your child’s picture to be published publicly I will edit the photos that have your child’s face visible in them so they can not be identified.  (I know of several other daycares that do the same thing for children’s privacy reasons). Also I am always willing to e-mail your child photos to you upon request.


House Rules:

1. No hitting, biting, pinching, throwing, pushing, hair pulling, or otherwise hurting ourselves or others.

2. No intentionally breaking anything.

3. No running, jumping, wrestling, climbing, etc. in the house or on the furniture.

4. No children are allowed to pick up babies or toddlers (with out permission).

5. No leaving the house or yard without permission (children under 8 are not allowed outside without adult supervision).

6. No name-calling, yelling, foul language or teasing—everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

7. All food and drink will remain in the kitchen area unless special activity is planned.


Child Abuse/Neglect:

     It is law and also my responsibility as a childcare provider to report any and all abuse or neglect

performed on a child. I cannot turn my head on a child that has been abused or neglected.

Therefore, I will notify Children's Protective Services and the Police Department when it appears

that a child in my care is being physically, sexually, or emotionally abused, neglected, or



Child Illness:

     I understand that every child gets sick now and then & it may be hard for parents to take the time off work. I will accept children with low grade fervours, slight coughs and runny noises (as long as the mucous is clear) However I will call you if your child is just plain miserable (whining, crying, repeatedly asking for you). Your child should not attend if they are not feeling well enough to participate in our daily activities (i.e. a child wanting to sleep all day, lay on the couch and watch TV etc.)

Under no circumstances should you bring your child to care sick if they have: (a fever of 101°f or higher, consistence vomiting, diarrhoea not contained in a diaper, sore throat, continuous coughing, green runny nose, draining eyes or ears, unexplained rash, lice, etc.) If you are not sure your child is well enough to attend child care call and discuss it with me. A sick child should be allowed to recuperate fully at home after an illness so that the other children and myself do not risk unnecessary exposure. The Health Department regulations prohibit the admittance of any child into a family childcare home that exhibits any of the following symptoms:

• Fever (100°f or higher) – child needs to be fever free for 24 hours without the aid of


• Diarrhoea – child must be symptom free for 24 hours without the aid of medication

• Vomiting – child must be symptom free for 24 hours without the aid of medication

• Runny nose with colured discharge –check with doctor

• Rash – check with doctor

• Discharge from eyes or ears

• Lice – child needs to be treated and nits removed before return

• Communicable diseases – chicken pox, measles, mumps, conjunctivitis (pink eye), influenza

etc. The child may return when the incubation and contagious period is passed and the child

is well enough to resume normal childcare activities.

I have the right to refuse to care for a sick child. If your child develops any of the above

symptoms while in my care, you or your alternate will be notified and may be required to pick up your child up immediately. If I have to call a parent to pick up a child that has been dropped off for care too ill to participate in the day the child will also be required to stay at home the following day. Your child may return to care 24 hours AFTER symptoms of illness end. Which means if your child is sent home with a fever, diarrhea, or vomiting they cannot return until they have been symptom free for 24 hours without the aid of medications. I am responsible for the health and well being of many children as well as my own so I will follow health department regulations when it comes to illness. I understand and respect your need to be at work, but your cooperation is extremely important on this.



Child care regulations prohibit me from giving your child medication of any kind unless you have

filled out and signed a Permission to Administer Form. All medication must be in the original,

labeled container.

     All prescriptions MUST have the child’s name on the label, and the dosages clearly visible.

(My sick days or appointments)

     If I am sick or if I have an appointment during a time that you require care I will bring in another person to cover me well I am gone (this may be last minute at times and I wont always be able to provide parents with advance notice. I hope that you can understand that)

If I am unable to find an alternative care provider for that time I will have to cancel that day.


Dressing your child for care:

Please dress your child in weather appropriate clothing. It may be necessary to layer their clothes on cooler mornings but allow them the freedom to cold down later if they get to hot. Please apply sunscreen before you drop them off every day (even in the winter). And always send them with a coat and hat… it dose not matter how warm it get. (children wont be forced to wear coats when its over 25’C out… but they should have it just in case it gets cooler throughout the day).

To be provided by Parent/ Guardian each visit:

For Infants and Toddlers

-        Food and Formula for children under 1 year of age with written instructions.

-        Diapers, wipes and change pad.

-        Pacifiers

-        Bottles and sip cups

         Change of clothes (pants, 2 shirts, underwear, socks)

-        Out door Play clothes appropriate for weather (Foot wear, Coat, Hat)

-        Sunscreen

-        Transitional object [i.e.: Teddy Bear or blanket)

-        Sleep time object. Might be the same as transitional object.

-        Medications in original containers with directions clearly visible. (if applicable)


 For All Ages including above (3months-12 years)

-        Change of clothes (pants, 2 shirts, underwear, socks)

-        Out door Play clothes appropriate for weather (Foot wear, Coat, Hat)

-        Sunscreen

-        Transitional object [i.e.: Teddy Bear or blanket)

-        Sleep time object. Might be the same as transitional object.

-        Medications in original containers with directions clearly visible. (if applicable)

 Other objects brought from home:

     I do ask parents to please refrain from allowing your child to bring toys and personal objects from home as I have enough responsibilities looking after all the children's well being that I don’t have time to pay attention to objects too.

If your child dose bring an object from home they will be expected to share it with all the other children or else it will be put in their bucket until home time.

I will not accept responsibility for the loss or damage of any object brought to my house by a child. (it is the child’s responsibility to keep track of their own stuff well they are here)

 Thank you for taking the time to read your registration package.


Kimberly Symonds









Date: __________________

Parents/ Guardian Signature_________________________________________

(This page dose not need to be returned.)


to ubtain a printed copy of the full pakage please contact me.