Little Stars Extended Care

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Little Stars Extended Care : Schedule


A typical day at Little Stars

Please not this schedule is a general idea of a typical day.... however we are very go with the flow daycare and timing may change based on that days activity's


before 7am             Early arrivals are put back to bed

6am- 8am               After 6 arrivals (over 6y) are allowed to stay up and quietly watch TV/ Wake up time for overnighters is 8am

8am- 8:30am          Breakfast

8:30am- 9am          Free Play (or school drop offs)

9am- 9:20am          Circle Time

Please note that on days that we are going to an OEYC site, I usually will Not do a circle time program that morning as we will be doing one at the OEYC)

9:20am- 9:30am      get ready for daily field trip/ outing

9:30am                    leave for field trip/ outing

9:30am                    leave for field trip/ outing

10:30am-10:45am    AM Snack

12pm                       arrive back from daily field trip (time may very depending on were we went)

12:00pm- 12:30pm   Outdoor play

12:30-1pm               Lunch

1pm- 3pm               Nap time/ Chill time

3pm- 3:45pm          school pickups/ freeplay

3:45pm-4pm            PM snack

4pm- 4:30pm           Outdoor Play

4:30pm- 5pm           Craft time

5pm- 6pm                Free Play

6pm-6:45pm            Dinner

6:45pm-715pm        Free play/ outdoor play (weather permitting)

7:15pm-7:30pm       Evening circle time

7:30pm- 8:00pm      Baths, Brushing teeth, PJs

8:00pm- 9:00pm      Story/ TV

9:00pm                   bed time for younger children (older children may be allowed to have chill time)

10:00pm                 All Children in bed